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    Bromley&Co Team

A motley crew of collaborators / a family of friends we constantly seek to bring our passions, our drive and wide range of skills to everything we pursue, be it in art, design, retail, interiors or construction. Combining an established and multi-faceted capability in design with an ever-expanding web of passionate artists and artisans to create products and environments that we love to be surrounded in.

Team Member

Like a farmer takes his intuition to the land and combines this with the pragmatic during the seasons, working hard and being creative everyday to us is a language we speak together. When working together on numerous projects, we are each others’ Radar O’Reilly (think M*A*S*H). Intuitively bouncing off each other. When we first met, we didn’t realise that neither of us slept much and found work more invigorating than socialising. The term workaholic been thrown around, we disagree. With family at our core, we just do stuff together all the time. There are 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week, we measure a good day and night by how immersed we are in our creative adventure.

David Bromley

High school drop out, knockabout, surf bum, lost boy. Works out that being busy is the best way to quiet an over active mind, finds clay and starts making pots. A collecting obsession, a passion for diverse and eclectic objects, most things old and hand hewn, gardening architecture and art. Taking all these loves and combining them ideally into poetry. Will give most things a go and loves exploring new ways of sewing together concepts and ideas and endeavouring to make imagination flourish in the everyday.

Yuge Bromley

High school accelerate, left at 16 to go to university. Super nerdy with a deep desire to learn and a curious obsession to find meaning in everything. A childhood love of sewing lead to whatever spare hours whittled away behind the machine. Went on to forge a meaningful path in law, all the while allowing creative passions and a desire to explore continue to evolve. Design and the sewing machine re-entered the orbit and memories of a past creative self came flooding back. All worlds colliding between Bromley&Co and Yuge fashion.